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Our Philosophy

Providing an exclusive personal service for our all clients is at the very heart of what we do. So, when it comes to draperies, creating an in-house window treatment service was the natural choice.

The Boutique Draper gives us the flexibility & control to offer the ultimate in creativity & to deliver a first-class product fitted to the highest possible standards.



Our Environmental & Sustainability Objectives are very important to us at
The Boutique Draper & we work with organisations such as B1G1 to achieve
real results. Our aim is to make a genuine difference & ensure a sustainable
future for our company, clients & employees. With this is mind, when we
established The Boutique Draper, we made the decision to use second hand
refurbished machinery instead of purchasing new. Manufacturing of machinery requires significant energy & resources, which adversely impacts the
environment. Investing in second hand machinery immediately cuts down
production, in turn reducing our carbon footprint.

In addition, to reduce our waste count, we donate all our fabric off-cuts to
local primary schools for use in their art & craft projects. 

Experts, Crafts 
& Artisans

At The Boutique Draper, we believe many of life’s greatest luxury products can only be crafted by hand. We are passionate about the making process, the maker themselves & the story of the piece; & we want to support the craftsmanship that went into the process. Attention to detail, care & respect for how we treat our creations & the patience to allow the masterpiece to develop are all important to us & the work we do. Our experienced team works with the best tools & latest technology yet employs traditional techniques learnt from a lifetime of experience.

Window dressing is a true craft requiring a real creative flair. Our fitters are artisans in the trade dressing, steaming & setting curtains for the ultimate result with every detail accounted for.

We want to create opportunities, whether you are young or old by retaining jobs & training new craftspeople who are passionate about fabrics & have a strong commitment to the art of drapery. We love people who love what they do & want to create the best of the best.

We believe the service we provide at The Boutique Draper is unlike any other. Our approach comes from a holistic interior design stance which means that whatever style you are hoping to achieve, our experts can confidently deliver your dream & give your project the wow-factor. Exquisite finishes, exotic materials, raw talent & craftsmanship combine to bring your vision to life.

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